Welcome to my workshop !

My name is Morgan Gilet. I have been building string instruments since 2007 in Brittany, France.
I was trained at Timeless Instruments School of Luthiery in Canada by Master Luthier David Freeman.
Being a mandolin player, I realised that contrary to the guitar world, the mandolin microcosmos suffered from a lack of diversity. Although excellent quality instruments were available from many makers, they were often built after the same very few concepts.
Therefore, during the last few years, I have been working at an alternative approach for designing and building high quality mandolins.
Of course, those mandolins were developed to meet my own expectations as a player : rich, full tone with sustain, groovy look and super-easy playability.

Introducing the Candy Mandolin

Sweet tone, sweet curves, sweet to play...

Candy Mandolins are now available for every player looking for something fresh in the mandolin world.
Glued-on bridge and flat top with hand carved fan bracing allow for sweet tone and long sustain.
The large body shows the instrument's very own identity.
French Ash, highlighted with wallnut bindings, is the prefered wood for backs and sides. Widely used for making string instruments in Europe in the past, it has excellent tone properties and looks really beautiful. Other timbers are available on request.
Bolt-on maple neck is fitted with a double action truss rod, in order to allow easy and precise adjustment. Fretboard, bridge and pickguard are made of ebony.
Candy Mandolins can be fitted with undersaddle pickup and embedded preamplifier (option).

Discovery offer !

A 30% discount will be granted on Candy Mandolins! (see details )

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